Facial Treatments


We would like to introduce to you the skin care company from Spain that is ‘ANESI Beaute’ for Facial Treatment and DEPILEVE for Hair Removal Treatment. ANESI is distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide for more than 40 years. It has a wide range of products combining the highest percentage of latest technology active ingredients with unique aromas and textures. ANESI will give you a unique sensorial experience and visible changes in your skin.

Aqua Vital Range (Treatments for all skin types)

Formulated for all skin types that need hydration and oxygenation. 3D Hydra APS is a revolutionary ingredient consisting of magnetized or polarized water that produces rapid cellular hydration in 3 stages on the skin. It is also enriched with Celldetox®, which increases the elimination of toxins accumulated in the skin.

  • Dermo Peel Expert Treatment – $80


Harmonie (Treatments For Sensitive Skin)

Sensitive skin is fragile by nature and reacts excessively to stress, pollution or severe weather conditions. Soothe skin sensitivity, calm blotchiness and irritability with ANESI HARMONIE. Formulated with vegetable extracts like Ginkgo Biloba, horse chestnut, aloe-vera and its exclusive calming complex Vidalys…

  • Harmonie Intensive Treatment – $80


Dermo Contrôle (Treatments for Oily / Acne Skin)

Dermo Contrôle is an effective skin care program to normalize an oily t-zone while combating dehydration. It also seriously addresses acne and control bacteria formation. Purifying and healing ingredients unite to eliminate blemishes and unclog pores.

  • Dermo-correcteur – $80


Anti-Ageing Treatments

  • Stem C3 (reverses chronological ageing) – $80
  • Cellular 3 (Firming / Lifting) – $80
  • Blue Defence $ 80 (Triple protection against all environmental pollution)

CELLULAR 3 (Age Control Regime)

The CELLULAR 3 professional treatment offers response to all symptoms of skin aging: wrinkles, dull skin, age spots, irregular texture, dehydration and lack of luminosity…

Cellular 3 is the cosmeceutical response for visible and long-lasting results for the 3 proven causes of skin aging (glycation, oxidative stress and DNA damage) offering a comprehensive solution. Cellular 3 combats wrinkles, fades dark spots, illuminates the complexion, firms the tissue, redefines the facial contour, refines skin texture, minimizes pores for youthful firmness and radiance.



Infini Jeunesse (Anti aging treatment)

Regardless of skin type, skin becomes thinner as time passes, it loses firmness and dreaded wrinkles appear. Anesi offers Infini Jeunesse, an expert anti-ageing range with innovative formulas including the latest active ingredients to combat the signs of ageing.


Stem C3

STEM C3 is an exclusive salon treatment incorporating Plant Stem cell technology that reverses chronological ageing and delays deterioration of essential skin cells by acting on fibroblasts and stimulating collagen formation. Vitamin C has been added in 3 phases to protect against free radical formation, moisturize and lightly whiten the skin surface.